NEW DATE!!! 12th May – 15th May 2022 in a castle near Halle, Gemarny

Zum brennenden Bären 2022

Winters in Germany are tough and long. German Burners found a way to meet friends in a sophisticated environment in an enchanted castle near Halle. It evolved to be a German Burn and follows the 10 (+2) Burning Man principles.


Dear Hippies, we will kick off the shuttle bus ticket sale on Monday (March 28) at 8:00 pm Berlin time.

There will be 2 buses on Thursday, May 12th and one more bus on Friday, May 13th - taking you directly from Berlin Ostbahnhof to the castle:

- Thursday 12:00 pm noon

- Thursday 6:00 pm

- Friday 5:00 pm

All 3 buses will return from the castle to Berlin Ostbahnhof on Sunday, May 15th, at 4:00 pm.

The bus trip should take ca. 3 hours.

Cost per ticket is 40 EUR – roundtrip tickets only, each ticket has to be personalized. Payment by bank transfer only. First come, first serve – book your ticket here:

There will be a number of one-way tickets for the Sunday 4:00 pm bus from the castle to Berlin Ostbahnhof at 25 EUR per ticket.

For any questions, please contact

Z2B 2022 POSTPONED! NEW DATE May 12th to 15th 2022

Yes, it is the sad truth that we have to postpone “Zum Brennenden Bären” 2022 to May 12th to 15th 2022. We invite you to read our comprehensive statement which you can find below. There you will find all information about the decision making process, how we go on from here and what all this means for you specifically (ticket swaps, cancellation policy, online workshops etc.). For now here comes a very brief summary of the crucial factors that led to our decision:

  • Omicron is spreading very fast, there is no way to estimate how sever the 5th wave, if not wall, will be

  • Most likely contact regulations will be issued in Germany after Christmas in addition to the already existing dancing ban

  • Hence, we must fear that our event would be prohibited or largely affected by the new measures alike

  • For some countries there are already travel bands and/or quarantine regulations making it hard to impossible for some folks to come

  • With more knowledge by May and a higher booster rate, it feels like this is a saver bet

  • Our principles “Civic Responsibility”, “Communal Effort” and “Radical Inclusion” forbid us to hold an event now when Corona is at its craziest peak

We are sincerely sorry if you are disappointed and if all this causes trouble to you. Please get in touch if you need to talk

Read the full statement here:

Who we are

We are an open community.

We learn from each other and share responsibilities and tasks.

We live the 10 (+2) Burning Man principles (and carry them out into the world).

We live a culture with which we want to be a role model for others.

We create something new instead of consuming.

We do not judge.

We test our limits and respect those of others.

We welcome new friends with open arms and curiosity.

We are aware of the responsibility for our environment and act accordingly.

We do not take ourselves too seriously.

The theme for 2022: Ciao Cacao

It's going to be the final Bär at Schloss Beesenstedt. Time to say goodbye.

„Ciao Cacao“ is a fun and awkward way of saying goodbye in German (similar to „see you later alligator“). It not only fits the Zeitgeist but also could be seen as an analogy.

Cacao as something natural from Mother Earth, gives a sense of love and coming home when you drink it. In many ways the castle has become a home for organizers and contributors alike. It certainly holds many loving memories. Now it's time to have one last ceremony, one last dance and one last burn- one last sip of the cacao we drank the last years. So when we rise our burner cups, you'll hear „Ciao Cacao“ when we clink our glasses.

How to participate?

Zum brennenden Bären is all about participation! It is an event co-organized by its participants. But how does it work?

This November amd December, we asked the community for ideas and applications. You couldn't just apply for a workshop, an art project or as a DJ. You also had the chance to apply for taking over a whole room, creating the main dance floor, having your small, interactive happenings (such as creative food giftings, interactive theatre etc.) funded or hold a talk at the newly installed “Salon” - a place for knowledge sharing, ideation and hot-topic-discourse.

After all applications have been examined, a great selection came to life. But that's not all: Co-creation also means that we all volunteer. All of us will do at least two shifts. Holding a workshop or playing a set as a DJ doesn't count as a shift. That's a gift. To get all volunteering stuff sorted we have an own department:


Ever strolled around a burn having deep existential riddles like:

“was I supposed to do a shift today?”

“when is my kitchen shift again?”

“where do we meet for ranger shifts?”

“how much time should I arrive before my gate shift?”

“any idea what time is it?”

“would love to help with something now, but where oh where should i go?”

Supreme Injustice (a.k.a volunteer lounge) has the answers, with an attitude! Our centrally locationed prosecutor, judge and jury will get dat ass of yours sorted! Come with any mystery about well... anything... but mostly about shifts and you shall get your swift sentence. More info on the process soon! For any questions about shifts -

What to expect?









and much more ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is "Zum brennnenden Bären"?

Zum brennenden Bären is the regional German event inspired by Burning Man. It's a co-creation event based on the 10+2 principles.

Where take the event place?

The next Bär will burn in the same venue as last year: a 19th-century castle near the city of Halle.

What is included in the ticket price?

A gathering of like-minded people, different floors and rooms, the best food (breakfast and dinner), all drinks at an open bar, comfy beds, linens, a sauna and much more.

What is not included in the ticket price?

Arts and program: nothing comes to life if you won't make it happen! Snacks: make sure you bring whatever is necessary for your personal needs. Transportation to and from the event are your responsibility!

May I bring my kids and/or pets?

The castle is not a suitable environment for kids or animals, but you can bring your favorite spirit animal onesie or costume!

Is it possible to pay a lower ticket price (low income)?

As every year there will be Low-Income-Tickets on demand. The amount of those tickets depends on the amount of donations we get from the community.

How do I get to the venue?

The best way is to take our shuttle bus. We inform here and by email about the bus connections we will offer. Arriving by public transport or by car is also possible. Stay tuned for more details.

What should I bring?

Beside snacks (see above) bring your favorite outfit(s), gifts, a towel or two (we have a sauna) and your personal belongings. More infos will follow in our survival guide, which we publish later here.

Information to all lucky MembersHippies

Please stay tuned for more information about transport.

Contact us

In case of any further questions please write us in the Facebook group or via email.

Disclaimer: Zum brennenden Bären is a private event from friends for friends. You are responsible for your own wellbeing. The organizers are not liable for any damage on your belongings or your person.
Photo Credits: Russarts (Header; Workshops), Sascha Baridara (DJ & Liveacts; Cabaret; Art Grants; Interactive Experiences; Salon), Karlo Walz (Dancefloor; Art)